Why you should never let your web designer manage your emails (and why I.T. guys suck at web design)

All too often I hear people say “I’ve launched my new website but now my emails are broken!”, the reasons for the failures vary quite a bit but the root cause is always the same – Web site designers just do not understand how email systems work.

It makes sense when you think about it though.  The first thing that most people think when they hear “I.T. Guy” is ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’, while those labels aren’t very flattering there is a reason us I.T. folk are thought of this way.  Most I.T. guys and girls that I have met are introverted, very analytical and very process driven people, and it’s these last two character traits that make them very good at what they do but it also means that they are not normally creative or artistic people.

Web designers on the other hand possess an entirely different skill set, they are creative people, they are extroverts and following process and procedure is not usually in their nature.  I know I am generalising quite a bit here but there are good reasons for these stereotypes, of course there are going to be some web designers out there who are very technically proficient and I’m equally sure there are some great I.T. guys and girls who are quite creative but as a general rule that is not the case.

When you realise that the mind-set of a web designer inherently must be different to that of an I.T. guru then it stands to reason that the character traits that make them so good at their profession also makes them mutually exclusive.

So next time your Web designer suggests that they should host your emails or your I.T. guy wants to build you a new web site, tell them no.

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