The three rules of backup

People often ask me if their backup systems are adequate and I always respond the same way.

If you follow these three rules your data will be safe-

1. You must backup ALL of your data
2. You must backup your data as often as it changes (for most people this means daily)
3. You must monitor and check your backups as often as you run them

It really is that simple but most people still manage to get it wrong, the first two rules are self-explanatory but it’s the last rule that most people seem to forget.  The trouble is, if you have a set-and-forget attitude towards your backups Murphy’s law invariably means that something will go wrong with the backup system but nobody will know that it has failed until it’s too late.

If you are too busy to monitor your own backups then you really need to outsource this task to an organisation like us.

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Managed IT Support

Our fixed price Managed IT Support Programs will increase your businesses competitiveness and efficiency with our I.T. Professionals on call for you 24/7.

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Custom designed security and data backup systems protect your business from emerging threats and gives you peace of mind.

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We supply, install and maintain hardware and software from all major vendors including Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Dell all with our 30 day reconfiguration guarantee.