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At Australia Wide IT, we offer top-tier cyber security by integrating global products and services for robust protection. Our tailored solutions cater to various industries, including law, conveyancing, real estate, accounting, medical, and manufacturing.

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Why Choose Australia Wide IT

  • Local Expertise: Our Melbourne-based team combines local knowledge with extensive cyber security experience.
  • Proven Track Record: Since our beginnings in 2005, we have NEVER had a managed customer suffer a serious data breach.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From risk assessments to incident response, our end-to-end solutions cover all aspects of cyber security.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum protection and compliance.


Our Comprehensive Cyber Security Services

  • ASD Essential Eight: Implement the Essential Eight strategies from the Australian Cyber Security Centre. This framework helps reduce cyber threats by providing practical guidance on application control, patch management, and multi-factor authentication. Learn More
  • MailGuard: Protect your business communications with MailGuard. This leading solution blocks phishing, malware, and spam, ensuring your emails remain secure and uninterrupted. Learn More
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training: Our training programs educate your staff on recognising and responding to cyber threats. By fostering a security-conscious culture, you can significantly reduce human error. Topics include phishing, social engineering, and secure browsing practices. Learn More
  • Cloud to Cloud (C2C) Backup: Ensure data integrity and availability with our secure cloud backup solutions. Our C2C backup service protects against data loss and corruption, providing peace of mind that your critical information is safe and easily restorable. Learn More
  • Zero-Trust Application White-listing: Enhance network security by preventing unauthorised applications from running. Zero-Trust application white-listing ensures that only approved software can execute, reducing malware risks. Learn More
  • Insider Threats: Monitor and mitigate internal risks with comprehensive insider threat management. Identify and address potential threats from employees, contractors, or other insiders to protect sensitive data. Our solutions include behavioural analysis, monitoring, and response strategies. Learn More
  • DISP Compliance: Achieve compliance with the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and other essential security frameworks. Our services ensure your organisation meets regulatory requirements and industry standards, which are crucial for businesses working with government and defence sectors. Learn More
  • Incident Response: Quickly address and recover from cyber incidents with our expert incident response services. We provide immediate support to contain, eradicate, and recover from cyber attacks, minimising damage and downtime. Our team handles a wide range of incidents, ensuring your business swiftly returns to normal operations. Learn More

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

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Advanced Security Measures

We use the ASD’s Essential Eight model and we can help manufacturing businesses achieve and maintain DISP and ISO 27001 membership and accreditation.

In addition to having excellent IT support and antivirus systems, your cyber security defence strategies should also include:

  • World-class email filtering
  • End-user cyber security awareness training
  • Professional Microsoft 365 tenancy management
  • Cloud to Cloud backup (C2C)
  • Application whitelisting
  • Monitoring and control systems to protect against insider threats

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cyber security, and why is it important?

Cyber security involves protecting your computer systems, networks, and data from unauthorised access, attacks, and damage by implementing various technologies, processes, and practices.

It is crucial because it helps prevent data breaches, protects sensitive information, and ensures that your business operations are not disrupted by cyber attacks.

What are the common types of cyber threats?

Common cyber threats include malware (malicious software), phishing (fraudulent emails or messages), ransomware (holding data hostage), and denial-of-service attacks (disrupting service).

How can I improve my business’s cyber security?

Improve your cyber security by using strong passwords, installing firewalls and antivirus software, keeping software updated, and educating employees on safe online practices. For comprehensive protection, consider getting professional cyber security services from experts like Australia Wide IT.

What is a firewall, and how does it work?

A firewall is a security device that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined rules, acting as a barrier between a trusted network and untrusted networks.

What is encryption, and why is it important?

Encryption converts data into a code to prevent unauthorised access. It is important because it protects sensitive information from being accessed or stolen by hackers.

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA is a security system that requires multiple forms of verification (e.g., password, phone code) to access an account, making it harder for unauthorised users to gain access.

What should I do if my business experiences a cyber attack?

If your business experiences a cyber attack, disconnect affected systems, notify your IT team or a cyber security professional, and follow your incident response plan to mitigate damage.

How should I manage my passwords? 

For your most sensitive accounts (e.g. online banking, ATO and MyGov accounts), choose a memorable passphrase; for example, “IlikeCornflakesForBreakfast” Add some non-alpha characters (numbers and symbols) to satisfy complexity requirements.

Avoid recording these passwords anywhere but if you simply cannot remember them, write them down and keep the written record away from your computer.

Do NOT record your passwords in a computer file, and do not use the same password for more than one service.

For your less crucial accounts use a password manager such as LastPass or Google Chrome’s in-built password manager.

Why is employee training important for cyber security?

Employee training is vital because employees are often the first line of defence against cyber threats.

Training helps them recognise and respond to potential security risks, reducing the chance of a successful attack.

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