Microsoft set to change the 365 licencing model

Microsoft are changing the way Microsoft 365 licences are purchased and renewed, from the 1st July there will be a 20% increase for all monthly subscriptions however annual licence costs are set to re... [read more]

Kaspersky Labs is on the nose so it's time for a change

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and after endless hours of contemplation and discussion we have decided to discontinue the use of Kaspersky Select Antivirus across our entire customer base. K... [read more]

Australian organisations should urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture

By Adam Goudge.   A few days ago the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASCS) released advice that in the wake of the Ukraine / Russian conflict that there is an expectation that cyber attacks glo... [read more]

Teams Telephony - a modern office phone solution for the modern work place

In todays world of work from home office telephony has been at best difficult to manage and at worst nearly impossible.  With the launch of our brand new service Teams Telephony is the solution you h... [read more]

Protecting your business data when a staff member leaves

Part 2. See part 1 here Staff leave businesses for all sorts of reasons, sometimes it’s amicable and other times not so much, when this happens you need to have a plan for how you are going to p... [read more]

What you need to know about the global chip shortage

What you need to know about the global chip shortage. By ADAM GOUDGE   The pandemic has had a few surprising side effects, not the least of which it has lead to a global shortage of computer chips a... [read more]

How do you protect your sensitive business data in a working-from-home world?

Part 1. It has been a problem that has existed since the invention of business itself but in this work-from-home world we live in now the question of how to protect business data is once again top of ... [read more]

So what is Multi-Factor Authentication anyway?

You might have noticed that I write a lot about computer security and invariably when I talk about security I also talk about MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).  In this article I’m going to sh... [read more]

How to do Wi-Fi the right way

2020 has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people working from home and with that some new problems have been highlighted.  One of the more common issues we have faced is a deficiency in peop... [read more]

The fallacy of dark-web monitoring

Lately I have been hearing and seeing a lot of advertising about dark-web monitoring services.  These ads talk about how dangerous a place the internet is and will have you believe that all of your p... [read more]

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