Feeling the IT Pinch? How Outsourcing Can Save Your SMB Money

Running a small or medium-sized business (SMB) is a constant juggling act. You’re passionate about your product or service, but keeping the lights on – especially when it comes to technology �... [read more]

Forget Cold Chisel, Ticketmaster are now promoting your PII to global crime syndicates

ShinyHunters claims to have stolen over a terabyte of data from Ticketmaster containing, exposing the personal details of  560 million of its customers to the highest bidder. No doubt over the next f... [read more]

New AWIT customer resources page

To improve our service to you  we have just launched a new customer resources web page which can be found by visiting Using this page you can now lodge a new help desk ticket, sta... [read more]

Innovative Strategies to Help Prevent Cyber Attacks

‍Cybersecurity breaches are on the rise, in fact, it is estimated that there’s currently over 15 million data breaches each year. While technological advancements have made it easy for organisatio... [read more]

Enhancing Productivity – Elevating Your Business for Successful Remote Operations

In the modern employment world, especially in these post-pandemic times, the shift towards remote employment has become not just a trend but a transformative necessity. Embracing remote work can unloc... [read more]

The Art of Cybersecurity – Keeping Data and Systems Safe and Secure

In the age of digital frontiers, every click echoes through the cyber universe, so the role of security has never been more crucial. As we navigate the intricate landscapes of the internet, our data a... [read more]

ClearFake malware now targeting Apple computers

Apple users are being warned to be on the lookout for the ClearFake malware which until now has only targeted Windows computers.  ClearFake uses compromised websites to spread and often poses as an u... [read more]

Introducing KnowBe4 - Cyber Security awareness training for you and your staff

The weakest link in an organization’s digital security position is most often the end users of the system.  While we do put an extraordinary effort into increasing your cybersecurity position using... [read more]

Not all cyber security experts are equal

I read a news story last week that caught my attention about an Australian IT worker ‘with a cybersecurity diploma’ who managed to get scammed out of $150,000. If you missed the story here... [read more]

NBN Fibre upgrades are now available at no cost

The NBN has increased the speed of it’s Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) upgrade program in recent weeks and many of our customers are now eligible to upgrade. If you’re going to use the NBN f... [read more]

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