Why managing your own Microsoft 365 tenancy is a bad idea

Did you know that there are over 2000 individual Microsoft 365 products and licence types available to purchase?  Microsoft 365 is a collection of software and services to suit businesses from very small to the biggest businesses on the planet.  Most people know that Microsoft 365 can include software like Word and Excel and most are even aware that cloud services such as email hosting and Teams fall under the 365 banner.  What most people don’t know is that there is a huge array of other services available including things like Teams Telephony (a full service business telephone system), Azure Active Directory, hosted virtual machines, even AI powered features for cyber security and simplified management.

Add in the complexities of different licence levels for corporate, academic and not for profit combined with bundled services such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Standard and Basic and it’s no wonder there is so much confusion out there.

Without a deep understanding of the Microsoft 365 eco system it has been my experience that most people who self-manage their Microsoft 365 system end up buying the wrong type of licence, often costing them more than they need to spend.

The bigger problem with self-management though is not proper licence selection but proper configuration.  Microsoft 365 has become such an important part of modern business I.T. systems providing not only desktop apps like Word and Excel but also services such as email hosting, data storage, identity management, antivirus, cyber security plus a whole host of other services it’s very easy to incorrectly or inadequately configure yourself.  Without the ongoing training and exposure that a professional I.T. service provider such as ourselves has I’d say it’s nearly impossible for anyone not working full time in I.T. to do it well.

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