Scammers are getting more clever plus a word on ‘MFA fatigue’ – hear a real-life Westpac scam call.

Westpac bank has released an audio recording of a real-life scam call that demonstrates just how clever some scammers have become.

Before you hit the play button below and have a listen you should first know about something called MFA fatigue.  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has made the scammers work much more difficult and in many cases impossible but as always the scammers are looking for ways to defeat the systems I.T. security professionals put in place.  A recent trend “MFA Fatigue” is where the scammers obtain or guess your user name and password and then flood the potential victim with MFA requests, usually via a push notification on your smart phone.  They do this in the hope that you will eventually tire of the continual prompts and hit the ‘approve’ button.  Heed this warning – Under no circumstances should you ever approve an MFA connection unless you know explicitly why you are receiving the MFA challenge in the first place.

Read more about MFA fatigue here.

The scam call you are about to listen to demonstrates how the scammer obtains the MFA codes sent to the would-be victim, share this with everyone you know, it might just save them from becoming a victim themselves.

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