Not all cyber security experts are equal

I read a news story last week that caught my attention about an Australian IT worker ‘with a cybersecurity diploma’ who managed to get scammed out of $150,000.

If you missed the story here’s a link-

As the story goes 27 year old Josh (not his real name) has a degree in cybersecurity and lost $150,000 of his own and his parents life savings after falling victim to a job scam.

The scammers convinced him of the legitimacy of what would eventuate to be a sophisticated scam by actually paying him a small amount of money for the so-called ‘work’ they had him doing and promising further work and riches would come.  The problem was, in order for Josh to get the work and to be paid, he first had to pay the scammers and it was only after he transferred around $150,000 that he realised he had been scammed.  Side-note: The money they paid to Josh was almost certainly the proceeds of some other scam.

I don’t know Josh or the specific circumstances of what happened beyond what I have read in the article linked above but I do know this – there were warning signs along the way that Josh should have seen and should have interpreted as a scam.  His bank, the NAB even warned him that it was a scam and yet he still lost all his money.

When you’re contemplating who to turn to to help your business improve your Cyber Security, think carefully about who you ask for help.  Australia Wide I.T. are at the forefront of SME Cyber Security in Australia, we have decades of experience behind us and the tools at our disposal to best protect you and your business from Cyber Security threats.

Cyber Security starts with quality end-user training and education, that’s why we have partnered with the global leader in Cyber Security training to help you and your staff spot a scam before you end up in a situation similar to Josh.  Starting December 1st we’re rolling out our new Cyber Security education campaign delivered straight to your inbox, keep any eye out for more details about this exciting new service in the coming days.


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