Scam of the week - episode 5

Scam of the Week 5 – In this week’s final episode we’re going to investigate a scam email that very nearly cost one of our customers more than $66,0000. If you don&#... [read more]

Scam of the week - episode 4

Scam of the week 4 – In this weeks episode we’re going old-school and take a look at one of the oldest email scams in the book. The Nigerian Prince scam. I expect that mos... [read more]

Scam of the week - episode 3

Welcome to the third instalment of Scam of the Week 3. Today we are going to look at a scam email that made it all the way to my Inbox, without being caught by any of the standard Jun... [read more]

Scam of the week - episode 2

Scam of the week 2- This week we are going to take a look at something a bit more devious than last week’s scam. Today we are going to see what happens months or even years after you h... [read more]

Scam of the week

To kick off our scam of the week series I’m going to start with a scam email that was delivered to me this morning. Let’s start by taking a look at the message as it appeared in ... [read more]

What is a good password?

Data breaches are happening all the time, in both big enterprises and even more so in SMBs – which experts view as “ground zero” for cyber crime. As a result, developing good password policies... [read more]

Microsoft releases security patch for Windows XP and others out of desperation

Originally posted by Microsoft Security Response Center on 14th May 2019 Today Microsoft released fixes for a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability, CVE-2019-0708, in Re... [read more]

HP Notebook battery recall extended

In January 2019, in cooperation with various government regulatory agencies, HP announced an expansion to its a worldwide voluntary safety recall and replacement program for certain notebook computer... [read more]

Cyber attacks by foreign governments, malicious companies and enterprising hackers are on the rise. And the biggest problem is you.

Original article by Daniel Ziffer PHOTO: Email phishing gives hackers the easiest and most common entry to an organisation’s data network. (Reuters: Kacper Pempel... [read more]

Improved Email Security Measures To Be Rolled Out For All MSP Clients Using Office 365 Hosted Exchange

Beginning in February this year Australia Wide I.T. will begin rolling out dmarc and DKIM security measures for all MSP clients who use Office 365 hosted Exchange. These changes are d... [read more]

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