What you need to know about the global chip shortage

What you need to know about the global chip shortage. By ADAM GOUDGE   The pandemic has had a few surprising side effects, not the least of which it has lead to a global shortage of computer chips a... [read more]

How do you protect your sensitive business data in a working-from-home world?

Part 1. It has been a problem that has existed since the invention of business itself but in this work-from-home world we live in now the question of how to protect business data is once again top of ... [read more]

So what is Multi-Factor Authentication anyway?

You might have noticed that I write a lot about computer security and invariably when I talk about security I also talk about MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).  In this article I’m going to sh... [read more]

How to do Wi-Fi the right way

2020 has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people working from home and with that some new problems have been highlighted.  One of the more common issues we have faced is a deficiency in peop... [read more]

The fallacy of dark-web monitoring

Lately I have been hearing and seeing a lot of advertising about dark-web monitoring services.  These ads talk about how dangerous a place the internet is and will have you believe that all of your p... [read more]

Scott Morrison's urgent hacking warning and what it means to your business

Last week Prime Minister Scott Morrison made an announcement that Australia is being targeted by a state sponsored hacking group. [read more]

COVID-19 update

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than 4 months since COVID-19 first made headlines and just over 10 weeks since a state of emergency was first declared in Victoria. All of our staff an... [read more]

Coronavirus COVID19 response

It is no understatement to say the new coronavirus pandemic – known as COVID-19 – and the measures brought in to mitigate it have been life-changing, who would have thought that only 5 or ... [read more]

If you only read one email this year, make sure it's this one. | Can the email scammers please just go away?

This is it, this is your first major warning, don’t dismiss this message as just another mass-marketing exercise because it’s not that, not even close.  I’m pissed off and I’v... [read more]

Re-posted from - Coronavirus is changing how we work. Online scammers are taking advantage

Australians are now working from home offices and kitchen tables as social distancing measures to slow the spread of coronavirus ramp up. But this change to how we work makes us more vulnerable to cy... [read more]

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