New .au domain names are now available, should you register yours?

Not so long ago the .au Domain Authority (AUDA) announced they are releasing top level domains ending in .au for sale.  While we have all gotten used to the thinking over at AUDA is that .au will eventually become more prevalent.  For instance our domain name ‘’ will eventually be replaced by ‘’.  Certainly a shorter domain name is always more desirable than a longer one but I’m not entirely convinced that .au will become the new norm, I guess time will tell…

Right now anyone who has a, or pretty much any domain name already registered that ends in .au is able to pre-register the .au version of their domain name.  Until September 20th this year holders of existing and similar names can pre-register the .au version of the same name.

I recommend anyone who has an existing domain name to register the .au version of the same name, not necessarily because I think we’ll all start using them the way we use but rather to protect your brand.

After September 20th there are no restrictions on who can register a .au name so my advice is to get in early because after September 20th it’s a free-for-all.

If you’ve got an incurable case of insomnia or just want to see if it really is possible to bore yourself stupid head over here and here for more information about the new rules.

If we manage your domain name(s) and you would like to pre-register version, get in touch with your account manager and we’ll get the pre-registration order in for you.  If you self-manage your own domain names, head to your domain name registrar and complete your .au pre-registration.

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