Wanna cry about it?

By now you’ve probably heard about the WannCry(pto) malware but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days that’s the nasty malware that managed to take out 16 hospitals in the UK along with at least 200,000 personal, business and public computers all over the world. It looks something like this.

There have been suggestions that the North Korean government was behind the attack, which might explain why it was a failure in terms of collecting actual ransom money but the potential for massive disruption was (and still is) very real, regardless of who was behind it.

This time, Australia got lucky. Due to our time zone we were one of the last countries hit which gave antivirus companies the time needed to put protective measures in place, will we be so lucky next time though?

Time for a bit of chest beating – In the 14 odd months since we deployed our new, more robust security measures to the majority of our customer base which includes Kaspersky Select Endpoint Protection, among other technologies, none of our protected customers have suffered the consequences of a serious malware infection, that’s a record we are very proud of but we know that it won’t last forever. There’s no such thing as a perfect anti-malware system, we’ve proven that you can come close though.

All the media reports I have seen since WannaCry was unleashed have focused heavily on having your computer’s operating system (in this case Microsoft Windows) patched and up to date, while this is certainly an important and mandatory step their message fails to deliver on two key points – yep by all means keep your Windows patches up to date but equally important is having a robust anti-malware system in place and even more importantly than that a backup and disaster recovery system that is robust enough to withstand a global-scale attack.  The days of thinking that your business is too small to be a target of a digital attack are long gone, we are all targets.

If you are not absolutely confident in your anti-malware AND backup and disaster recovery systems you need to talk to us or risk losing your data forever.

Hopefully this attack serves as the desperately needed wake up call to those organisations around Australia and the rest of the world who are nowhere near enough concerned about protecting their own data.

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