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  • Computer Support

    Do you need help fast? Has your productivity dropped due to a problem with your desktop computer? Read More

  • Small Business Servers

    Australia Wide IT can help your business install, configure and manage Microsoft Small Business Server. If you would like trouble free email, outlook, file serving, Sharepoint and other Small Business Server services, then we can help. Read More

  • Our Guarantee

    If we can’t fix it, we’ll pay you! If we cannot offer you a solution to your computer problem we will give you $500. Read More

Your friendly computer help desk

Australia Wide I.T. is your very own help desk and I.T. department – without the high cost. Keep your team productive with our responsive and professional I.T. support services. If you have computer problems, we have solutions – GUARANTEED With fast, friendly computer repair technicians located throughout Melbourne, Australia Wide I.T. keeps your team on the job.

If your business has 30 or more staff and your current I.T. support company leaves a lot to be desired, then talk to us. Australia Wide I.T. focusses on your business, your people and easing your computer headaches

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What some of our clients say

We first met Australia Wide I.T. in 2008 when they rescued us from a horrible file server crash caused by lack of maintenance by our previous supplier. Since then, we have had very few computer problems due to regular maintenance and a preventative program to stop problems before they arise. We have now recently replaced the server and they have managed to install this along with all the software without any disruption or downtime to our firm. The team are very prompt, friendly, honest and explain computer jargon in a language that we can understand.

All good as usual, keep up the professional service.

Our previous IT Service Provider was distant, hard to contact and not customer focused. With AustraliaWide IT we now have great service with a human touch. Our calls are answered promptly and the team is always ready to help in any way.

The maintenance program put in place by AWIT offers us peace of mind that our entire system is correctly and closely monitored.

Australia Wide IT took over a system installed by a previous supplier, redeployed it, managed and maintained it and turned what had previously been a nightmare into an efficient IT solution (in many cases preventing problems before they arose).

Better still when it came time to replace our system, their recommendations were sensible, affordable and resulted in a well thought-out system that meets our needs. This has all but eliminated down time, frustrations and issues with our IT, which means our professional staff can get on with what they do best. We’ve been pleased to deal with Australia Wide IT, they can be trusted, and better still, they speak human (not that IT garble that technical people speak)!

We strongly recommend Australia Wide IT.

I have found Australia Wide I.T. to be a super-efficient and speedy service that I can rely on and have done a couple of times now. The skill level and professionalism has made me very comfortable to use them and recommend to any other business.
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